Composting Pilot Project

Composting Facility WorkBee

April 3 -
April 4
Wednesday, Thursday
12:00 pm
4:00 pm

Our second workbee of the year will give our Composting Site a kick start.

We are planning to open June 1 and there’s a lot of work to do!

On Wed and Thurs we will be putting up a roof, creating signs, and staking out our fenceline.

Please bring personal protective gear such as workgloves, safety goggles and proper footwear. A folding chair may also be useful. The. nearest bathroom is at the Visitor Info centre, otherwise we are watering the trees.

This is a raw piece of land and there are no facilities. We will have a first aid kit and a hand washing station.




12 th avenue – the old Chipper Yard (near the Visitor Info Centre)

Lots of different jobs so you can be sitting, standing, lifting, or painting.

Bring any materials that might be helpful plus your artistic flair if you would like to help us make signs.

Bring working gloves if you want to help with our roofing project.