About Our Project

Our pilot project has four main elements:

  1. The Community Composting Hub which is the physical location where we receive and process materials for composting, as well as host learning events.
  2. Community engagement that includes:
    • a weekly collection service for businesses and organizations
    • a weekly drop-off day for existing and new members of MASH
    • coaching for anyone wanting a little extra help creating and implementing solutions
    • workshops for building backyard composting bins, best practices for composting including animal-friendly and cold weather tips, and how to use finished compost to grow food.
  3. Data collection to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our project and identify how we can get better results.
  4. Business case for a long-term permanent solution for composting including facility design, collection service, cost recovery, and supporting policies and education to maximize our capture rate and minimize contamination.

Our project is located on unceded Gitxsan territory, House of Spookw and we are grateful to Norman Stephans and his family for so graciously engaging with our team. Please support their local, indigenous owned business – Stephens Building Supplies.

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We are a registered non-profit society operating mainly in the Hazeltons since 2017, with service on demand for surrounding communities. Our passion is food security and supporting local farmers to succeed in a changing market and a changing climate. Capacity-building, networking and delivering fun, safe events are what we do best.

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