Our Story

In February 2017 we started out as the Permaculture Farm Festival Club with one goal: start a new festival in the Hazeltons that celebrates sustainable living, live music, and great local food and drink.

Two festivals, one farm school, 18 house concerts, and so many great memories later, we’ve evolved into M.A.S.H. The acronymn is a tribute to the wit and irony of the hit TV show, that showcases how people with the right skills and attitude can find a way to have fun for a few hours even when the backdrop is pretty bleak. Originally we thought Music and Agritourism in the Hazeltons made great use of these letters, and now with the cancellation of so many events, we decided that Making Agriculture Sustainable in the Hazeltons is a also a great use for these letters. We’re just having fun and doing good things in the community. 

We also incubated a start-up non-profit NWBC Food Action Network (FAN) for three years starting in 2017. FAN’s main purpose was to deliver an annual food security conference and you’ll find proceedings and photos from those events on this website too.

The organization was co-founded by Laurie and Bill of Bulkley Canyon Ranch and Hazelton Hops. Their off-grid solar powered farm has served as the venue for most of MASH’s events and has also hosted plant medicine retreats.

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Mission Statement

To promote sustainable food security and food sovereignty by strengthening our local community of farmers, ranchers, and producers

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We are a registered non-profit society operating mainly in the Hazeltons since 2017, with service on demand for surrounding communities. Our passion is food security and supporting local farmers to succeed in a changing market and a changing climate. Capacity-building, networking and delivering fun, safe events are what we do best.

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