Drop Off

The Community Composting Hub is located off 12th Ave on Churchill Drive, at the Old Chipper Yard. Please remember we are a non-profit group doing a pilot project and cannot staff this project every day. Help our community to have a permanent composting facility by respecting our hours of operation and only dropping off materials on the list. We will have a greeter at the site to show you what to do and answer questions.

Hours of Operation

Sundays 3 pm to 7 pm starting June 2 and ending one week after Halloween to capture all those pumpkins. We chose this day to line up with the Hazelton Farmers Market.

Additional days will be announced once we have been operating for a couple weeks and have enough staff.

Please call ahead of you have a large volume of materials (more than two five gallon buckets or a small pickup truck load of branches) and we will prepare for your arrival to reduce wait time.

What to Expect

  1. There is a one-way loop road – please follow directional signs.
  2. If you are dropping off CARBON/BROWNS such as small branches (under 4 inches) for chipping, please go to the chipping area.
  3. If you are dropping off FOOD SCRAPS/GREENS please go to the Pre-Processing (Sorting area).
  4. We are keeping records of how much and what kind of material is dropped off to help us understand our operation better and collect data for planning a permanent facility. This may mean weighing your materials and if you have time, completing a short survey.
  5. Continuous improvement is the name of the game. The first few weeks of June, there may be hiccups as we learn how to best process incoming materials. Please be patient while we are learning how to serve you the best way possible.

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