March 25, 2024

Pruning Resources

After our two pruning sessions in March 2024, we have two handouts by Carol Ponchet – one is for apple cultivars and one is on Fruit Tree Pruning. Carol has copyright on these handouts and they are only for private use and specifically for attendees of our sessions. Please contact her directly for permission to distribute or use outside of personal use. We also have a MASH handout that can be distributed freely and follows more of a Train the Trainer format and provides talking points when approaching property owners to prune their apple trees. Lastly, we have curated some videos on How To Prune from YouTube that are very useful for reviewing before you make your first cut.

Please follow this link to access these resources.

Check out this video on pruning overgrown apple trees.

Dormant oil is talked about in the video and was recommended by Carol Ponchet as well. Read this article to learn more.