February 28, 2024

Community Composting

We have a site, $50,000 and a vision for a six month pilot project to collect organic waste and compost it to Grade A standards. Funding for this project comes from the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine and the United Way’s CRC Food Infrastructure Grant. A Composting Advisory Team has been established to make informed decisions about the design and operation of this project. Our long term goal is a year round operation and more community composting and on-farm composting sites to reduce the distances travelled.

The pilot project will have valuable outcomes other than the compost. We will learn about available feedstock in our community, we will develop and implement a community composting education campaign, and we will be able to help others set up a system that benefits from everything we learned.

As we learn, we will share recommended readings and photos of the project’s progression. To get you in the spirit of things, we suggest a flip through this comprehensive and very readable guide published by the Institute For Local Self-Reliance. Community Composting Done Right: A Guide to Best Management Practices (2019). And for the farmers, we recommend this resource: On-Farm Composting in BC: A step by step guide to small and medium sized farm operations (2019) by Upland Agricultural Consulting.