Community Composting Panel Discussion

February 26
5:00 pm

MASH is proud to present a community conversation about Composting! We’ve been working hard on your behalf to get the ball rolling on a facility to produce Class A compost. We hope you enjoy the presentations and will want to be part of this exciting community project.

We’ll have four 10- minute presentations and then some time for Q and A.

  1. Laurie Gallant and Nicki Veikle, Environmental Scientist with Zenviro Consulting will layout the MASH project, explain what Class A compost is all about, and share our quality control ideas to make this project a welcome asset to the Hazeltons.
  2. Mike Weeber, Councillor with the District of New Hazelton will share information about our proposed composting site and how MASH and the District of New Hazelton can work together on food security projects.
  3. Jaima Timler, Climate Action Specialist with the Town of Smithers will speak about Composting as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and share a bit about the future of organics recycling in the Town of Smithers
  4. Debbie Bexon, co-owner of Salmon River Ranch and champion of their Experimental Thermal Composting project. She will share her passion and juicy details of how their on-farm composting project works.

This information session will be followed by a dinner break and then our AGM will begin at 7 pm.

4670 10th Ave – behind the Bulkley Valley Credit Union. Access is off Highway 16 in the same plaza as the Red Apple.

The Community Centre also houses a commercial kitchen and is operated by the District of New Hazelton.