The Equipment Lending Library is an exclusive benefit for members of MASH. It’s only $25 to become a member for two years and easy to join.  Watch this video for a complete introduction to the equipment we have available and the backstory behind the project and our policies.


Fees and charges:

  • All items have a one week (7 day) borrowing period;
  • A late fee of $5/day will apply unless arrangements are made;
  • $50 damage deposit (fully refundable);
  • $20 cleaning fee if equipment is returned without cleaning first;
  • per day rental fee varies by equipment.

The borrower must:

  • be a member of MASH.
  • live in our service area – Gitanyow to Telkwa. 
  • have participated in a food preserving class for the equipment being borrowed (this requirement can be waived with proof of know-how)
  • be 16 years or older to borrow equipment.

User Responsibilities:

  • equipment must be returned in good condition and properly cleaned.
  • cover the full cost of repair or replacement of any borrowed equipment that is damaged or missing 
  • proper safety training of anyone using the borrowed equipment in accordance with manufacturer instructions 
  • ensuring borrowed equipment does not leave the operating area of MASH – Gitanyow to Telkwa.
  • payment of the estimated rental fees up front (see table below); further charges or refunds will be calculated when the equipment is returned.

Products & Rates

Seal-A-Meal Vacuum Sealer  Model BS230-CN (to buy click here)


Weston 6 tray square food dehydrator. Model  75-0301-W; 84 F – 155 F, 14 inchW x 20 inchL x 10 inchH. (to buy click here)


Presto 23 Quart Pressure Canner  7 quart (1 litre) 20 pint (500 ml) capacity (to buy click here)


Bernardin Boiling Water Bath canning pot (with rack and lid; 21 quart capacity)


Commercial size vacuum sealer (with nitrogen purge)

See info sheet for details

Apple corer and peeler – makes short work of home made apple pie!


Canning Tool Kit –  jar funnel, bubble remover and head space gauge, magnetic lid lifter, jar lifter, home canning how to’s DVD


Soap Making Molds – all shapes and sizes including 34 molds for individual squares that say 100% handmade.


Portable Toilets (set of 6 – buckets, lids, seat, box and signs)


Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer Elite (Tristar


If you would like to borrow our equipment, please send us an email and complete our User Agreement form Lending Library User Agreement. We’ll be happy to make arrangements for pick-up and payment.

Our Apple Pressing System

Our system includes a grinder and a press. Both are manually operated. If you are interested in purchasing your own system, we can recommend this company that we purchased from. Unfortunately Pleasant Hill Grain company is in the United States so expect delays and factor in the currency exchange rate. Our system including the hopper extension, mesh bag and foodsafe lubricant plus shipping came out to $1100 USD.